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The club is now taking annual membership subscriptions for 2023. To simplify this process we have moved to online payments through Ridernet, which will enable the club to centralise membership details online and facilitate members to access their club membership through the Ridernet apps instead of using membership cards.

Mobile applications for Ridernet can be downloaded for both Android and iPhones.

Pay your VinduroWA membership fees through Ridernet via Motorcycling WA or direct links below:

Motorcycling WA


Member Fees

Annual Membership – $70.00

One Event Membership – $20.00 – one use for a non-competitive event

If you still prefer the “old fashioned” method of securing your membership you can download the membership form and pay your fee by direct debit or at our events and we will add your details into our club membership database on Ridernet.

LIABILITY WAIVER AGREEMENT about to attend your first meeting of the year.  Download and fill this out prior to event and bring with you, will save you time at sign on


Ridernet how to …

As a new account member on Ridernet you will go through the following process to create your account and align it to our club. Just follow the prompts, but if you want to know how it works, keep reading below.

Step 1: Select the State

Step 2: Select the Discipline – Enduro

Step 3: Select VinduroWA from the list

Step 4: Select the Membership type (Senior)

The price has been adjusted to include the fees and charges associated with online payment, so the total cost will be $70.00 as per our club membership fees.

Step 5: Add your personal details

Step 6 & 7: Privacy and Terms and Conditions – you must click to accept these and continue to the payment screen.

Step 8: Enter your payment details

Ridernet charges a service fee of $1.92 per transaction plus there is a Credit Card fee of 1.24%. The VinduroWA committee has decided to absorb these costs into our membership fee and not charge members more than the agreed fee of $70.00.

Step 9: Accessing your receipt

You can choose to save your receipt in different formats from the drop down selection box “Export to the selected format” then click the Export link next to it.

You will get a receipt sent to your email address, but if you don’t find it in your in-box check your Junk Mail box just in case it went there!


MotorcyclingWA are extremely helpful to clubs and members wanting to use Ridernet, but if you are having any difficulty accessing our memberships online through Ridernet we would like to know about it – please email us at [email protected].