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Improved Homes, Collie Motoplex Vinduro Rider report. 18-19 May.

After few cancellations due to weather conditions we finally got the season under way. A great turnout with a lot of different bikes and riders turning up to ride. Great riding conditions on a 12 km loop. A few dusty sections with a mix of tight slow rocky sections and long straight sandy tracks . A great track for all levels of riding skills. On Sunday morning the speed gun was put to good use with a few riders seeing how fast the could go on the drag strip. And to top it of, we even had a grandstand view of the road bikes racing on the the Motoplex track next to the Vinduro track. Thankyou to Improved Homes for sponsoring the event. And thankyou to Collie Motorplex for the use of the Vinduro track.

A few Clerk of course awards were handed out on Sunday morning to the following worthy recipient’s,

Paul – Trying to ride thru a gate in the fence line, that wasn’t there. Also celebrating his birthday, with a few refreshments on Saturday night.

Sid – For not coming last in the speed test and being super keen at the event..

Dave – furthest distance travelled to attend event. (Geraldton)

Whippy – fastest recorded time in the speed check, after his tenth attempt. 118 KPH.

Kev – the Only person to register for the event on rider net.

And as always, a big thankyou to the volunteers who helped out before, during, and after the event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the new venue in Darken on the 15 – 16th June.

2024 events

I am pleased to present the 2024 Club event calendar .

 This year we have been able to avoid clashing with the Vmx and Classic Club with the exception of one event.

 We also have a new venue at Darken. 

We are aiming to hold eight  vinduro events this year. I have included in the Calendar the Vintage Dirt and Capel 200 as these are events that we also like to be involved with.

As always please check the Club website and facebook page for any late changes to the Calendar and venues closer to the event date. 

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Canning Motor Trimmers Arthur River Vinduro riders report

Great weekend at the Arthur River Vinduro, New venue and a great new track. 35 riders enjoyed another awesome Vinduro event .Couldn’t of asked for better weather, two days of sunshine made for great riding conditions. A 9km track that tested everyone’s riding skills, with some tight technical rock sections and some wide open paddock fence lines. With the rock sections catching out a few of the riders.

A couple of COC awards were handed out. One going to Michael Feathers for hitting a rock in the middle a paddock that even blind Freddie could’ve seen. And one to Bill Neild for his less than impressive riding skills.

A big thanks to Matt Carne for Hosting the event. And as always, thanks to the members who marked out a great track, the sweeps and the first aider.

A shout out to Bill who had travelled from the ACT on holidays and decided to ride the event and to Steve who travelled from England and also attended the event . it was good to have a chat to you guys and , and we hope you enjoyed the Vinduro WA event.

A couple of action shots from the weekend.