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Canning Motor Trimmers Arthur River Vinduro riders report

Great weekend at the Arthur River Vinduro, New venue and a great new track. 35 riders enjoyed another awesome Vinduro event .Couldn’t of asked for better weather, two days of sunshine made for great riding conditions. A 9km track that tested everyone’s riding skills, with some tight technical rock sections and some wide open paddock fence lines. With the rock sections catching out a few of the riders.

A couple of COC awards were handed out. One going to Michael Feathers for hitting a rock in the middle a paddock that even blind Freddie could’ve seen. And one to Bill Neild for his less than impressive riding skills.

A big thanks to Matt Carne for Hosting the event. And as always, thanks to the members who marked out a great track, the sweeps and the first aider.

A shout out to Bill who had travelled from the ACT on holidays and decided to ride the event and to Steve who travelled from England and also attended the event . it was good to have a chat to you guys and , and we hope you enjoyed the Vinduro WA event.

A couple of action shots from the weekend.

Canning Motor Trimmers Arthur River Vinduro.

May 27-28

93 Burnett road Arthur River

13km North of Arthur River turn right off Albany Hwy. 25km South of Williams turn left off Albany Hwy.

It is the first shed on the left on Burnett road.

There is a large open shed space for camping under cover, and aslo some smaller sheds as well. We can have one campfire, and in the event of a wet night, we are allowed to have the campfie under the roof of the open shed.

Sponsor:Canning Motor Trimmers

No dogs allowed

Clerk of the Course: Philip Joyce

The only people allowed on the loop before 1.00pm Saturday are the designated track markers and officials.

Sign on from 11:00am Saturday and 8am Sunday. You can sign on any time after the aforementioned times. Riders must wear correct safety gear. Riders briefing at 12:30 pm (Sat) and 8am (Sun), safety brief to be given to all riders who turn up at other time All bikes must be pre-1995, the only modern bikes will be used by designated personnel for safety reasons only. We do not wish to offend by having to tell someone their bike is ineligible. Please check if you have any doubts.

Club Members

All riders taking part in this event must be members of VinduroWA, paid the entry fee and have Ambulance cover. Event entry is $40.00 if holder of MA licence, $55.00 if not a holder of MA Licence. Juniors are $10.00 with MA licence $25.00 without, with free event membership.  Seniors must be club members.  Introductory one event membership is $20 (once a season, full membership $70.00, you can join online through Ridersnet details on the club website. All children under 16 will be given free one event membership

This is a two day event. You can however ride just Saturday or Sunday if you wish. Please be aware of the 12.30pm finish time on the Sunday. This time can be changed at the discretion of the Clerk of Course. This still gives you four hours of riding on the Sunday.

Children: All children riding on the loop must be in company of a responsible adult. All children riding on any other area must be supervised by a responsible adult. No adult accompaniment or supervision, no ride. This is for safety of all concerned and will not be varied.

Saturday: The loop will be open from 1.00pm and close at approximately 5.00 pm at the discretion of the Clerk of Course.

Sunday: The loop will be opened from 8.30 am and close at approximately 12.30 pm at the discretion of the Clerk of Course.

In case of Injury:

First response by qualified club first aiders, ensure you sign on

South West Yamaha Collie Motorplex Vinduro Riders Report

April 15-16.

Another great Vinduro event at the Collie Mortoplex. 30 riders on a track that most riders stated was probaly the best Collie track to date. 12.9 Km,s of an awesome mix of tight single track, long straights, deep sand and short technical rock sections. We had just enough rain to stop any dust and to bed the track in. To top off the great riding conditions, the track ran straight past the Motorplex track, and some riders took advantage of this by stopping and watching the road bikes screaming around the track.

All in all it was another great Vinduro event, and we are looking forward to seeing you all Karridale in a few weeks.