14-15 Apr Perkins Honda pre1995 Vinduro and Come Try Weekend

14-15 Apr  Perkins Honda Vinduro & Come Try Weekend,  Lot 64 Beard Road, Culham (Toodyay)


Directions: Thanks to Rod from Perkins Honda for allowing us to use his property

Address where event will be located: Lot 64 Beard Road, Culham (Toodyay).  How to get there from Perth:


Travel to Toodyay via Toodyay Road, head north through Toodyay (up the main street) over the Avon River towards Bolgart (Bindi Bindi-Toodyay Road);

Approx 18kms from Toodyay, turn Left onto Telegraph road, after 300m turn Left into Rockdale road

After 6kms Turn Right into Beard road, we will have some signs out on the day at Telegraph Road turn off also look for club arrows, Black arrows, orange background.

Sequence of Events

Clerk of the Course:  Barry Mitcheson

The only people allowed on the loop before 1.30pm Saturday are the designated track markers and officials.

Remember all bikes must be pre 1995, they do not have to be licenced as we run on private properties.

All riders taking part in this event must be members of VinduroWA/come trier,

 Come Try entrants

Riders who have NEVER been issued a licence, NEVER ridden any other Motorcycling Western Australia permitted events including GoMoto, any practice or any competition may be issued a FREE Come and Try licence. This is a one-time free licence for riders to give organised sport a try. You do not have to be a club member. This is a one off event. So get your backside trackside!!!.   All you need is a pre1995 bike.  Entry fee $30.00., juniors $5.00 (free club one event membership for juniors).  Juniors can ride any era bikes.

Introductory Recreational Licence(IRL)

New Senior and Junior riders may obtain the IRL by attending your club’s Come and Try day and then trading in the free one event paper Come and Try licence for the IRL.

In addition, a junior rider can apply for an IRL separately to a Come and Try event. If your club offers a free club membership MWA will provide the Free 3 Month Introductory Recreational licence.  Rider’s will need to apply for the IRL on the special form provided to your club.

Please note: Riders MUST NOT have previously held a Motorcycling Australia competition or recreational licence to qualify for a IRL.

Any questions ask a member of the committee for info

All Juniors must ride with either parent or legal guardian.


Sign on from 12 midday riding from 1.30pm. You can sign on any time after the aforementioned times.  All bikes will be scrutineered for safety.  Riders must wear correct safety gear.  Riders brief at 1.00pm.  Safety brief will to be given to all riders who turn up at other times.  All bikes must be pre1995, the only modern bikes that will be used by designated personnel for safety reasons only.   We do not wish to offend by having to tell someone their bike is ineligible.  Please check if you have any doubts.

Sausage sizzle Saturday night, byo salads, bread etc


As this is a non-competitive ride, you can arrive at any time after the start time and sign on, be briefed and have your bike scrutineered prior to entering the loop.    paid the entry fee  and either holder of a current MA licence or take out a one event licence.  Event entry is $30.00 plus non-competitive licence ($30.00) if required, one day membership ($15) avail.  Sunday we will be testing our timing system as we are looking at different ways of timing our event, hopefully this will be successful

You can ride Saturday or Sunday or both days, it is your decision, for the one price

Saturday:  The loop will be open from 1.30pm, last rider out at 4.30pm.  All riders musted be signed out and in, to ensure all riders are accounted for.

Sunday:  The loop will be opened from 9am until last rider out 2.30pm.  All riders must be signed out and in to ensure all riders are accounted for.  Remember you are all needed to help clean up

IN case of Injury:

First response by qualified club first aiders, ensure you sign on

Ambulance: Toodyay phone 000.

Please bring a sense of humour, this is supposed to be fun.  Remember constructive criticism!


Camping is allowed Saturday night, toilets only.  Bring own water, no dogs.  Please ensure you drink responsibly

Any queries contact Barry 0407 577 121 or email enquiries@vindurowa.com

Members Support Required for Events

With a variety of locations in areas both south, north and east of Perth the club is looking for members to be more involved and are offering the following opportunities for you to assist.  Please contact me if you are able to assist with any of the list below ( enquiries@vindurowa.com )  This is your club, be involved


Marking:  We are offering club members the opportunity to assist in marking of events, this may include a Sat or Sun of weekend prior to pre mark.  In return up to 3 members will be signed on as officials (sweeps, track maintenance) therefore not requiring event fee or licence.  Just check the list below.


For FIFO’s/shift workers:  if you are unable to make the event due to roster, but are keen for a ride how about letting us know, as at some events we pre mark the Sat or Sun of the week prior to events.


Events we need marking assistance are:


14-15 April Toodyay

5-6 May Greenbushes

26-27 May Collie Motorplex

16-17 June Yorkrakine (to be confirmed)

14-15 July Woodridge (to be confirmed)

4-5 Aug Ironstone Park (to be confirmed)

25-26 Aug Collie Motorplex (Black Diamond)

15-16 Sept Yealering (to be confirmed)

6-7 Oct TBA


Toilets:  In some venues we need to provide toilets, with this in mind if you are able to assist we are willing to pay fuel money of up to $50.00 for the round trip.  If you are able to able to assist even just in one direction, please contact me.


Events we need assistance are:

14-15 April Toodyay, toilet pick up from Midland

5-6 May Greenbushes

26-27 May Collie Motorplex

25-26 Aug Collie Motorplex (Black Diamond)

15-16 Sept Yealering

6-7 Oct TBA


Sign On:  Too many times sign on is left to just one person and to move towards a more professional approach we are asking people to step up and become part of the team, not just stand and watch.  If you want to become part of the team at any of the events, please contact me And we will walk you through what is a very simple process


Officials: We are always looking for people to qualify as Clerk of Course or Race Secretaries, there is one coming up at Southern capes on 24 Feb and a variety of courses at MWA.  Once again you want details contact me.


First Aid:  We need qualified first aiders to sign on at all events, please if you have a current first aid certificate, we need you!!!!