8-9 August 2015 Harry and Denise’s Mud Farm Instruction: CANCELLED


Due to the forecast of impending thunderstorms and Hail over the weekend in the Chapman Hill area, we have decided on the course of Safety and Cancelled this weekend’s event. The farmer believes if the weather hits there it would not be safe

Find attached the directions and details of the next VinduroWA event.  Be there, this one in open paddocks

Harry & Denises Mud Farm Instruction

18-19 July Motorplex Mayhem Competition Instruction, Sequence of Events and Rules

Attached is the General instruction and information for our one competitive event on 19 July and the Sequence of events and rules for the weekend 18-19 July 2015.

Over $1000.00 of trophies and prizes, anyone can win you just have to finish.

Sponsors of the event are listed on the right hand side of the home page, please support those who support us.

Motorplex Mayhem 18th and 19th July Sequence of events and rules

18-19 July 2015 Collie Motorplex Mayhem Competition