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We need more properties for our use. These properties will be covered by insurance from MWA and we can explain and present a copy to any landowner who might be interested to alleviate their fears. Must be able to put in a loop of 10kms or greater. Especially would like some properties closer to Perth.

Wanted Officials

We need you to get involved more and get qualified as an MA official. First step it to complete your Level one qualification online through MWA. Then get yourself on a one day course we desperately need, scrutineers, race secretaries, Clerk of course and Stewards. Give something back and help the club grow. Don’t depend on a small group to run your club, when you can do more yourself. Any questions, just ask.

New Website

Welcome to our new club website. This site has been built using a WordPress Content Management System by Christine Mitcheson (long time suffering wife of el Presidente). If you have any problems using the site or if there’s something you’d specifically like to see on this website, please contact Christine by email.