7-8 Sept Black Diamond Vinduro, Collie Motorplex


  • South West Auto Electrics
  • Harv’s Tyres
  • Canning Motor Trimmers
  • South West Yamaha

Approximately 2:10 hour south of Perth, two ways in to the Motorplex from Collie. As shown on the Map below travel either via Preston Rd or follow the main rd east out of Collie and Turn right down Piavanini Rd past the Collie MX club. Follow the signs to the Motorplex. The event is for adults no juniors

Location:  Collie Motorplex

Drive past the Motorplex entrance and look for the VinduroWA sign(hopefully I’m there before you) at the next large bitumen turn off to the right. Travel up through the boom gate and large tyres, continue, you will come upon a large triangle intersection. Look for directions at that point.

Camping is available at the site. There will be Portable toilets. Bring your own Water.   BBQ available, a campfire(bonfire) will only be lit in one designated area. Please ensure you keep your area clean.

Please ensure that when you leave your area it is clean, please respect the property


Clerk of the Course:   Barry Mitcheson

Core Event:

Any bike manufactured pre-January 1st 1995. Bikes do not need to be registered.  The only modern bikes that will be used by designated personnel for safety reasons only. We do not wish to offend by having to tell someone their bike is ineligible. Please check if you have any doubts.   You may only enter one bike.

A 100km plus Vinduro.  This event is for senior members only, no juniors.  The object is to complete if possible 10 loops of the marked track.  You will be required to pass through several checkpoints at which you must physically stop. 

Any cheating on laps can result in disqualification

Sign on: from 12.00pm Saturday and 7am Sunday. You can sign on any time after the aforementioned times. All bikes will be scrutineered for safety. Riders must wear correct safety gear.

Scrutineering: all bikes will be scrutineered.  Please ensure your bike is safe ie:  Handlebars blocked, handlebar pad, check wheel and head stem bearings and  swing arm bushings, all cables are oiled and operating properly, nuts and bolts!!.

Entry Fee $30.00

Non-Competitive licence (if required) $30.00

One event membership $20.00 available to non-club personnel


Loop opens at 1.30pm.  Closes approx  4.30pm, no riding after 4.30pm


Sign on from 7.00am

Scrutineering 7.30am

Riders meeting 08.20am

Black Diamond:  First bikes away 09.00am, last bike out at 2.30pm (time could be changed)



Complete 10 loops Gold medal.

Complete 9 loops Silver medal

Complete 8 loops Bronze medal 

Over 60

9 loops Gold medal

8 loops silver medal

7 loops bronze medal

Other prizes also will be given.  Total value to $1000

3pm Presentations?

IN case of Injury:

First response by qualified club first aiders, ensure you sign on

Hospital: Collie Hospital 9735 1333

Ambulance: Collie, phone 000 or 9791 4999

Please bring a sense of humour, this is supposed to be fun. Remember constructive criticism!