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Location:  643 Mornington Rd, Mornington WA 6221

Sponsor: Motorcycle Engineering, 11 Juniper Way Davenport 6231,

From Perth (153km) . Head to Harvey down SW Highway. 6.2km past Harvey turn left onto Mornington Rd, 6’4km turn left into property look for Vinduro signage.

From Bunbury (46.3kms).  Head up the SW highway turn right onto Mornington Rd, 6.4kms turn left into the property, look for vinduro signage.

From Albany (316kms).  Albany H’way, 153kms turn left after Kojonup onto Collie Changerup Rd.  69.7kmsTurn left onto Coalfields Highway.  In Collie turn right onto Paull St, left onto Coombe St, through roundabout onto Medic St, turn lrft onto Atkinson St N, Right onto Moira Rd, continue onto Patson Rd, Turn right onto Harris River Rd, 2,6kms turn left onto Mornington Rd, 13.1kms turn left onto Gastaldo Rd, 170m turn right onto Mornington Rd, 17kms turn right into the property, look for vinduro signage From farm truck entrance gate,

Approx 10-15kms, undulating loamy soil with creeks.

Camping is available at the site. There will be Portable toilets. Bring your own Water. A campfire(bonfire) will only be lit in one designated area. Please ensure you keep your area clean.

Please ensure that when you leave your area it is clean, please respect the property


Clerk of the Course:  Barry Mitcheson

The only people allowed on the loop before 1.30pm Saturday are the designated track markers and officials.

Sign on from 12.00pm Saturday and 8am Sunday. You can sign on any time after the aforementioned times. All bikes will be scrutineered for safety. Riders must wear correct safety gear. Riders brief at 1pm(Sat) and 8am(Sun), safety brief to be given to all riders who turn up at other times. All bikes must be pre1995, the only modern bikes that will be used by designated personnel for safety reasons only. We do not wish to offend by having to tell someone their bike is ineligible. Please check if you have any doubts.

Club Members

All riders taking part in this event must be members of VinduroWA, paid the entry fee,  Event entry is $40.00 if holder of MA licence, $55.00 in not a holder of MA Licence. Juniors are $10.00 with MA licence $25.00 without, with free event membership.  Seniors must be club members.  Introductory one event membership is $20 (once a season, full membership $70.00, you can join online through Ridersnet details on the club website. All children under 16 will be given free one event membership

You can ride Saturday or Sunday or both days, it is your decision, for the one price.

Children: All children riding on the loop must be in company with a responsible adult. All children riding on any other area must be supervised by responsible adult. No adult accompaniment or supervision, no ride. This is for safety of all concerned and will not be varied

Saturday: The loop will be open from 1.30pm, last rider out at 4.30pm. All riders musted be signed out and in, to ensure all riders are accounted for.

Sunday: The loop will be opened from 9am until last rider out 2.30pm. All riders must be signed out and in to ensure all riders are accounted for.

IN case of Injury:

First response by qualified club first aiders, ensure you sign on

Ambulance:  phone 000

Please bring a sense of humour, this is supposed to be fun. Remember constructive criticism!